Monday, 28 November 2011

How to clean your BBQ grills

Having a barbecue party is a great way to enjoy with your family and friends.  The aroma of fresh barbecue chicken or pork can be the ultimate sensation for your nose.  The charcoals that burn makes a sizzling noise and the smell of burning flesh make it all the more appetizing and delicious.  A barbeque is one of the best ways of cooking your food and one has to master the art of barbeque if you have to become known as a true culinary expert.

Along with making those wonderful recipes of grilling and barbeque, what is left is the process of cleaning the barbeque stand and the grills.  This is a very tedious and time consuming process which many try to avoid putting the work on some other person.  But what has to be done has to be done and this goes along with cleaning a barbeque stand.  There is, in fact, a process by which you could easily and quickly clean up a barbeque grill without permanently blackening those sponges and cleaning cloths.

·        The first important part in the cleaning process starts with cleaning the grill’s grate.  Let the hot charcoals fizzle out and after that brush the grill’s grate with a stiff wire brush, taking off the lose material stuck on it.  Then remove the grills and keep it aside.  (Tip: When starting on a new dish, cover these grills with a thin film of oil which makes it easy to remove the left-over material after the process of barbeque is finished).
·        Do not allow any ash to collect in the base of the barbeque for days together.  This will result in rust formation and thus damage your valuable barbeque.  Ensure that you remove the total ashes content from the collection pan.
·        Another way to keep your grill clean is to keep the grill on a heating mode even after the food is removed.  This results in burning off the sticky portions of the grilled material and thus making it easier to clean.
·        After cleaning the grill net, it is time to clean the other parts of your barbeque stand.  Take everything apart and inspect the stand for any residual material stuck inside.  These include the rust formation, if any.  Now clean the interiors with soapy water and for some stubborn marks use aluminum foil and some scouring powder.
·        After cleaning, let the barbeque stand dry out thoroughly before putting it back in one piece.
·        For that more stubborn grease or charcoal marks after-effects, try mixing up baking soda in water to make a smooth paste.  This paste is to be applied to the affected part and then cleaned with a wire bush and aluminum foil.
·        Another method to clean your barbeque grill is to use the oven cleaners which are available in the market.  Spray the grill trays with the oven cleaner and keep the sprayed parts in a tied up garbage bag.  After a few hours, keeping the bag in sunlight, rinse the grills with water and your can get a truly good result.
·        If you are not able to take off the stains even with the above methods, then the last resort is using ammonia.  For this, place the grills in a garbage bag and put ammonia soaked in papers besides the grills.  Close and tie the bag.  Leave this bag overnight.  Then, in the morning untie the bags keeping a safe distance from the opening and the ammonia fumes that come out.  Then clean the grills with paper towels and finally wash them with water.  While using this technique, always put on a face mask and some gloves so as not to get affected by the ammonia.
·        Another method for cleaning your barbeque is by spraying a solution of vinegar.  For this, one can make a solution of 2 cups of vinegar with 2 cups of water.  Then spray the solution on the grills.  Keep the solution for about 10 minutes and then clean it with aluminum foil which also contains vinegar.
·        Vinegar can also be used for cleaning the exterior walls of the barbeque stand.
·        There are also some specific grill stones available which can be used to clean a barbeque stand by scrubbing them on the grills.

Thus, these are some helpful tips for you to apply when cleaning your barbeque.  So have a barbeque party and forget about the cleaning process. 

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