Tuesday, 8 November 2011

What are the Home Remedies for Toothache?

Toothache is a very common form of dental problem faced by almost each and every individual at some part of his life.  Toothaches are very troublesome and cause a lot of discomfort. 

There are basically two types of toothaches i.e. (i) The first one is due to sudden change in temperature i.e. when we eat something very cold e.g. ice-cream or ice cube or else very hot items like that of boiling hot potatoes or meat.  (ii) The second type of toothaches is concerned with the swelling of gums which are caused due to infection of  bacteria and these are very painful and irritating. 

The most appropriate action for these kinds of toothaches is to go to a dental clinic to get it examined and take the prescribed medical treatment.  But sometimes it may be cured immediately by many home remedies available at our home. 

There are various home remedies for toothache, some of which are given below :-
·     The most effective and simple remedy is to apply clove oil to the infected part of the gum and the aching tooth.  This reduces the infection and pain to a great extent.
·     Gargling with salt is another most common method for reducing toothaches.
·     Another common home remedy for toothache is to chew Guava leaves.
·     Wheat grass juice is another method by which to stop toothache. 
·     Vanilla essence is also effective for toothaches.  Apply 4-5 drops on the affected tooth.
·     The main cause of toothache is due to bacteria.  These bacteria can be destroyed by raw onion. Raw onion contains antibacterial, antifungal and anti parasitic properties which help to reduce the toothaches.  This raw onion can be chewed or make a paste of it and apply to the tooth.
·     If the toothache is aggravated and painful apply a paste of salt and powdered pepper on the tooth.  This is a very effective method for reducing the pain.
·    Similarly, make a paste of vinegar and berry bark and apply it to the tooth. 
·    Make ice packs and apply to the cheek where it is paining. 
·    Another paste which is used and is very effective is the mixture of mustard oil and turmeric powder.
·    Lime too has a very good property for relieving toothaches.  It contains vitamin C which is a useful ingredient for health teeth.  In fact, regular use of lime can prevent tooth cavities and can even reduce gum bleeding problems.
·    Boil peppermint and salt and gargle with this mixture.  It is really helpful.
·    A high fluoride toothpaste is required for frequent toothaches.  Brushing your teeth softly with these toothpastes can be an alternative method.
·    In some cases, try putting on a layer of Clorox on the affected tooth.  It will surely help.
·    Grapefruit Seed extract can also be a very helpful remedy for toothache.  Try it out.
·    Sesame oil is another home remedy to ease out the pain of your affected tooth.  Mix one part of sesame oil with 2 parts of water and bring to a boil.  Then apply this lotion to the tooth. 
·    Believe it or not, Tea is another remedy for toothache.  Heat a teabag and apply it to the aching tooth and you will see the magical effect.
·    Gargling with a solution of hydrogen peroxide is another method.
·    Apply a mixture of garlic and salt to the affected tooth.  This can reduce toothache to a greater extent.
·    Another excellent method for toothache problems is to apply a warm solution of Asafetida and lemon juice by way of a cotton swab to the affected tooth.

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