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This is the most common question asked by many bloggers throughout the blogging community.

In most cases, the scenario for many bloggers is that they have put in a lot of effort to develop their blog, writing quality articles and blogging on a daily basis.  Their content is good, in fact fabulous.  They have also advertised their blogs and added a number of backlinks which are quality backlinks.  Also they have written articles in various directories so as to advertise their blog.  Now is the time to sit back and relax, writing articles.  They are getting the traffic they want, their SEO ranking has increased and now they are getting page views of 3 figures and at times around 500 to 600 views per day. 

BUT……. When they see their Google Adsense account, what they see is a paltry figure of 1 $ or 2$ for the month.  This is absolutely irritating to the hard working blogger.  Why is this happening?  Why are they not getting the revenue they should be getting?  This is truly a very worrisome problem for those bloggers who spend close to 8-10 hours on the laptops and pcs, to research various subjects and papers and post an article in their own words. 

This problem is mainly due to the fact that the visitors to these blogs have visited and read the contents but have not clicked on the advertisements which have been placed on the blogs.

YES ! The problem is not with the bloggers but the traffic which he has generated.

Most people who visit the blog, read the quality contents of the blog, but forget to click on the advertisements or in fact, are not aware of the fact that they have to click on the ads. after reading the article.

This is how a blog works ?
Each blog is created by the blogger to serve some purpose, may it be social awareness, informative subjects, social interactions or to share his hobbies.  But the main objective of the blog, in most cases, is to earn a passive or full-time income for himself and his family.  In fact, some bloggers are earning 5 to 6 figure incomes from just blogging.

After a blog is made, it should have a number of quality contents.  The blogger tries to get some revenue by placing advertises through various sources like Google Adsense, Chitika or Amazon.  These agencies place their advertise near the content of the post to attract the visitors.  If the visitor clicks on these advertise, they create revenue for each advertise they have clicked on.  This amount is added to the blogger’s account and thus this is the way it all works out.

As such, each visitor to a site should remember to click atleast one advertise, if they find the content to be good, as a token of appreciation for the work put in by the blogger.  This will tremendously help the blogger resulting in more quality articles for the visitor.

For the blogger, it is absolutely essential not to get frustrated for not getting any revenue from his blog.  The system of blogging, to some extent, depends on the luck of the blogger as well as the type of visitors he gets.  He should always try to give his best in terms of various posts he writes on the blog.  As the increase in traffic is his most valuable asset, he should concentrate on it.  As people go on reading his blog, the more it gets publicized and more chances of people clicking on his advertise.

Also, there are some other ways of generating revenues for the bloggers.  One of them is an answering site called .  This is a site which can surely guarantee you passive income along with the blog.  You can answer questions, ask questions and get to about 100$ per month at the initial stage.  I am going to write a separate post on this site later. 

Another way to increase income for the bloggers is to visit sites like .  This is another revenue generation site where advertisers pay for each post that you publish on your blog.  The good thing about it is that you, as the owner of your blog, has the right to put in the amount you need for advertising their product.

From this discussion, it is clear that the revenue of a blogger depends on the clicks that the visitors make on the blog and not only on the traffic generated.  For each click the visitor makes, creates revenue for the blogger.

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