Sunday, 6 November 2011

What are the functions of lipase enzyme?

There are various functions that the lipase enzymes have to perform.  I have not gone into the technical or medical terms but have tried to give these functions in simple and easy-to-understand language :

·        Fats or lipids are formed in the body.  They are required to be broken down and this function is performed by Lipase enzyme.
·        Chemical reactions in the body are a necessary part of the body structure.  But these reactions are, at times, slow in their procedure.  Enzymes like lipase, helps to change the speed of these reactions and make them faster which ensures that they take place at a proper time.
·        Fats are broken into smaller particles by the pancreatic lipase and as such helps in the digestion of dietary fibers.  These fats are then easily passed through the walls of the intestine and then to the blood stream.
·        Cholesterol is also transported into the bloodstream by lipase enzyme.
·        Some other lipases also function in breaking up of cellular components.
·        Lipases such as phospholipase function as an ingredient to recycle cell membrane constituents.

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