Sunday, 6 November 2011

How to make home-made Christmas Tree Ornaments?

As Christmas comes near, the family gets together for planning to have the perfect celebration for that special day.  These may include the Christmas tree, the ornaments, the gifts, the party and the food.

Among these, the Christmas tree decoration ornaments are an important part of the Christmas celebrations.  Each family tries to make their tree as striking and beautiful as they can.  Nowadays, there are various ornaments like blinking lights, stars, hanging balls, fruits, chocolates and many others.  Mostly these are purchased from shops where they are readily available.  These readily available Christmas tree decorating ornaments are very attractive and comes in vibrant and sparkling colors which makes the Christmas tree all the more eye-catching.

Along with these readymade decorative articles, people also try to make their own decorative ornaments which give a personal touch to the Christmas tree.  For these, the children and the teenagers take an active part in planning what would be their decorations and how to make them.
These are some ideas for making some very attractive and simple homemade Christmas tree ornaments :
·        These ornaments can be made from various items of your daily use such as teacups, cookie boxes, chocolates, old toys as well as ribbons of various sizes and colors.
·        Cookies make up a very good option for making those delicious homemade ornaments.
·        There are various items that can be made out of papers that can be used as ornaments.
·        For choosing ribbons, try to choose colors such as silver, gold, red or green as these are vibrant colors and make the Christmas tree look more attractive.
·        Family photographs are also used to give a personal touch to the tree.  These photographs should be preferably, head shots and portraits.
·        If you have gone on a beach vacation, flash your souvenirs of shells and pebbles on the tree wrapping and coloring them in different colors.
·        Walnuts are a great decoration material and can be used in different ways to decorate the tree.
·        Stained glass balls also can make very useful decoration ornaments for your Christmas tree.  Glass balls can be opened and filled with different colors of acrylic paint and then re-sealed.  These colors make a very attractive shades in the glass balls.
·        Try to make ornaments out of dough and give them different shapes and add vibrant colors to them.
·        Snowman peanuts are also another way of decorating your tree.  These are quiet easy to make and looks unique on the tree.
·        Cotton balls also are another good option.

Christmas tree decoration is fun and the whole family gets involved in it.  So, for this Christmas try decorating the tree with your own ornaments.


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