Saturday, 19 November 2011

Is it proper to use Laxatives to reduce weight?

Laxatives are mainly used for promoting bowel movements.  They are primarily used for medical purposes i.e. laxatives are the solution for constipation issues.

It has been seen nowadays that people are opting to use laxatives as a source to reduce weight.  When laxatives are taken they result in increasing the bowel activity.  The large intestines prevent absorbing minerals and water which in turn causes diarrhea.  This indigested food, as it is taken off from the body without absorbing, prevents weight gain.

But is this procedure of taking laxatives to reduce weight the proper way against obesity?

The answer to that is a definite NO.

Laxatives causes diarrhea which makes the body loose a lot of water.  This loss of water can be attributed to low body weight that people see on their weighing scale.  But the truth is, loosing valuable water content derives the body of its minerals and nutrients which are necessary for a healthy body.

The various negative side effects of taking laxatives are as follows :
·        The main effect is the loss of electrolyte and potassium content which may easily trigger off a heart attack.
·        Taking continuous laxatives for a long period may affect the digestive system of the body to a great extent resulting in constipation and severe pain.
·        The intestinal-tract gets damaged and it is very difficult to bring it to normalcy.
·        Taking periodic laxatives may cause a loss of mineral and fats which are essential for the growth of bones.  The result may be weak bones due to inadequate mineral content.
·        Pregnant women are advised against using laxatives as it may have detrimental effect on them.
·        An ingredient known as phenolphthalein, found in most laxatives, has been recalled by FDA due to its link to cancer.
·        Using laxatives for a long period may bring about other side effects such as chronic diarrhea, dehydration, vomiting, bloating and cramps.
·        Some cases of rectal bleeding can also be found.
·        Stopping of these laxatives abruptly may result in some very serious withdrawal symptoms.
·        Taking laxatives for losing body weight is only a short term benefit and the side effects which are caused are more serious than the benefits.
·        Excessive use of laxatives may result in severe constipation which can even finally lead to surgery and removal of colon.
·        Many persons take herbal tea which is a form of laxative as a source to reduce weight.  This too is a very harmful method in the long term.
·        As the laxatives reduces the all-important body fluids, there is a major threat of anemic condition as the person feels weak and fatigued in a short spell of work.

It may be summarized that the use of laxatives to reduce body weight is a dangerous trend as well as irrational.

Please bear in mind that there is nothing like safe laxatives.

The only way to reduce weight is brought through proper dieting under expert guidance along with exercise.

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