Sunday, 20 November 2011

How to prepare a authentic Indian Vegetable Curry?

Indian food is a mix of various herbs and spices and that makes it a very authentic delicacy along with some healthy ingredients.  Try out this common recipe for a starter and I will post more on this subject :

Indian Vegetable Curry :-
This curry is the common recipe practiced all over India and most of the ingredients are the same in all regions of India.  Try it out :

Oil – 5 to 6 tbps
One big Onion
1 garlic piece
Carrot and Capsicum – 1 to 2 nos.
1 potato (Big)
Beans – 10 nos.
Cauliflower – 3 to 4 small pieces
Small ginger piece
½ tsp. cinnamon
Cloves – 2 to 3
Cashew – 10 to 15
Grated coconut – ½ cup
Coriander leaves – for garnishing

Method :
Cut onion into half.  Cut one half into very small pieces and the other into bigger ones. 

Take out your cooking pan and add a little oil.  Let it heat up and then add cloves, cinnamon, cashews.  Add to this, ginger, garlic and big pieces of onion.  Let it fry till it gets a little brown.  Keep it aside to cool.  After a while add grated coconut to the above and  grind the whole mixture into a fine paste and keep it aside.

Now take a little oil in a pan and add the remaining onion pieces in it.  Let them fry till light brown color.  In the meanwhile, make small pieces of the vegetables and cook it in an oven.  When cooked, add these vegetables to the fried onion and stir fry it for a while.  Now is the time to add the paste of spices and coconut to it.  Cook this mixture on a low flame for a while.  Water can be added to make this gravy a little smooth.  Finally add pinch of salt for taste.  Let this gravy cook for 10-12 minutes.  Your Indian Vegetable Gravy is ready to serve.

Serve it hot and garnish with coriander leaves. 

Can be eaten with Indian bread or wheat bread. 

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