Monday, 13 February 2012

The Ideal Workout on a Treadmill

How to get the perfect workout on a Treadmill?

A treadmill is an equipment which, when used in a proper way, can reduce your weight by burning down the calories in a short period of time.  It is an ideal exercising equipment for people of all ages.  But many a times it is found that people purchase the treadmill with enthusiastic mind and if they don’t get the desired results quickly, the equipment is found to be placed in a corner collecting dust.  The problem here is not the equipment, but the way one uses the equipment to get the maximum out of it.  You have to understand the treadmill and exercise on it in a proper way to utilize the equipment to its full potential.

There are certain ways for going through the treadmill workouts.  Simple walking or jogging at a fast speed for 20-25 minutes will only make you tire off and lose motivation.  For this the following tips should be followed-

·        The first and foremost part of a treadmill workout is to have a warm-up period on the equipment.  Walk slowly for 2-3 minutes at a slow speed of 1.5 to 2.0 mph.  Try to walk on your heels and tools.  After this warm-up activity, try to slowly increase the speed of walking to upt 4.0 mph which can be described as a light jog or fast walking.
·        Try out this same procedure for about a month keeping in mind not to over-exert yourself.  Burning off your energy in a short span is the most common fault while using the treadmill.  After a period of 30 days, try to go in for a more strenuous workout.
·        Always see to it that you do not jump off or sit down immediately after the workout as it may result in muscle cramps.  Cool-off the workout with reducing your speed till you have attended the initial warm-up process and then stop your activity.
·        While exercising on  a treadmill always vary your speed of walking and moving.  This gives the body the much needed stretching to burn off the fats.
·        Keep a watch on your heart rate if you are doing cardiovascular treadmill exercises.  For that perfect workout you should be breathing hard but not gasping for air.  Do not push up your heart rate too high.  The ideal speed is to go in for a walking pace of 4 to 8 mph for the first month with a time period of 20 minutes.  This can be gradually increased to ten minutes every month onwards.  Warm-up and cooling-down period should be a must.
·        Once you have got used to the treadmill exercises, try to increase your sprint intervals i.e. go if rot two-three minutes of sprints and then going back to the normal walk.  The sprints can be increased as you gain momentum.
·        Vary your strides i.e. stretching your legs in a long stride or a quick walk.  This will tone up the leg muscles and increase your stamina.
·        Do not follow a routine while exercising on a treadmill.  Try to spice up the monotonous workouts by increasing your speed of sprints or go for inclined workouts..  This not only adds variety to your workouts but also helps to tone up your leg muscles as well as burn your fats at a faster pace. 
·        Once you get used to the workouts try to walk or sprint without the support of the side bars or front bars.  Taking support of these bars in the long term may cause injury and poor posture.  This is also not an effective workout.
·        The most important thing while using a treadmill is to be consistent in your workouts.  A perfect schedule for a person who is exercising on a treadmill should be a 45 minutes session for 5 to 6 days per week.  This can achieve good results.
·        A regular exercise will increase your body’s metabolism which in turn burns out more fats as you continue to exercise.  Also, the faster you move, the more calories you burn.  Try to maintain a good uniform pace for each workout to lose your weight.
·        The ideal workout should include the following:
Keeping your posture erect with head up, looking straight ahead and relaxing your neck.
Cup up your hands swinging them in a natural way.
Breathing is the lifeline of any exercise.  Try to concentrate on your breathing taking in smooth and deep breaths.
Take the steps which make you feel comfortable.
·        For making the workouts on treadmill more interesting try listening to music, or watch your favorite shows.  Once can even chat with a friend or watch yourself in the mirror.  These activities make the workouts more relaxed and enjoyable.


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