Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Common Wedding Mistakes

What are the most common Wedding Mistakes?

The term Wedding brings along with it the feelings of joy, smiles and lavish spending.  It is truly a very joyful moment in anyone’s life.  The Bridegroom and the Bride wait eagerly as the wedding day comes near.  There’s lot of work to be done right from sending invitations to the choice of attire to be worn on the wedding day.  This is THE DAY for the couple.

But, along with being the most important day of a couple’s life, there are some common mistakes that are made during this day which people seem to forget.  These mistakes are quite common and easily forgotten once the wedding is over.  We take a look at some of the common wedding mistakes.

1)  Wasting your Hard-earned Money – Wedding is an event where people spent lavishly without giving a second thought on the proceedings.  Money that is spent on wedding day is something one can only image in the mind.  But the reality of what one has spent on that day comes only after a few days of the wedding day is over.  There are a lot of people who are going to make huge profits from your wedding if you are not putting some tight leash on it.  It may be the wedding dress designers, the decoration, the event management people, the caterers and the Car Hirers. Is it all worth it?  Should we spend so much on a particular day?  One has to think twice about it.  For this one has to be alert while dealing with a wedding budget.  Plan your wedding long before it is due.  Make a budget of the money you are going to spend on each and every event and section of the wedding. 

2)  Make it YOUR WEDDING: - Many times it is found that the theme of the wedding is something that is just opposite to that of the couple’s nature.  Importance is only given to the most popular of themes without taking into the consideration what the couple would like to have.  No consideration is given to the couple’s wishes and no help is taken from them regarding their choice of a wedding.  A perfect wedding should be the one which reflects ‘your life’ if you are the bridegroom or the bride.

3)  Selecting the wrong Menu – The food menu is one of the most important aspects of a wedding.  A wrong selection of menu or the wrong caterer may put all the efforts down the drain.  Too spicy foods or tasteless food may give the wrong impression of the wedding and it is not good for the popularity of the wedding.  Also selecting the right menu is a tedious work but at the same time an important chore that has to be planned.  See to it that you get the right caterer who is known to you as well as planning out the right menu for the wedding along with him is absolutely essential.

4)   Getting an Overnight Overhang – Attending late night parties or bachelor parties previous to the wedding date is the most common mistake that a bridegroom makes.  The result is that you get a hangover, with a severe headache, puffy skin or an upset stomach on the wedding day.  This is surely not what you wanted.  Try to skip these parties or if it is absolutely essential, say a sure ‘NO’ to drinking alcohol at these parties.

5)  No planning out with your Partner – It is a wedding for both of you.  While planning out the details, take your partner into consideration.  Plan out the wedding with him/her so as not to cause any confusion at the time of actual ceremony.  Do not plan the overall wedding ceremony on your own.  Take their points into consideration while planning out the proceedings. 

6)  Considering others – This may be your wedding, but are you giving proper consideration to other people and guests?  See to it that you give due importance to the other people at the wedding.   See that they are comfortable at the wedding, speak to them and make them feel wanted, also see to it that they have been served the food as well as are having a good time.

7)   Bogged down in Unimportant work: - Lastly, it has been found that most of the time, the wedding couple is bogged down in some small work or details which do not need their attention.  Try to give your time to important details in the wedding. 

These are some of the common wedding mistakes that are found at the day of the wedding.  Please refrain from them and you may make your wedding a grand success.

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