Friday, 18 November 2011

What are the benefits of Almond?

Almond is a dry fruit which can be eaten everyday and is easily available.  This nutritious dry fruit has a number of medicinal and health benefits which make it a must-have food in our snacks.  Just a handful of Almonds will bring wonders to your health.

Some of the main benefits of Almonds are –
·        Almonds are a good source of proteins as every ounce of almond contains about 6 grams of proteins.  It has a TPD of 88% and a PDCAAS of about 4.4 which makes it a highly digestible quality protein source.
·        An ounce of almonds contain 164 calories which are very healthy for a nutritious snack.
·        It has a good amount of potassium i.e. around 206 mg in an ounce.
·        Almonds, along with proteins are a rich source of dietary fiber which is important for the body to stay healthy.
·        Almond is a natural way of getting loads of minerals, some of which are –
Vitamin E – It is useful for controlling cancer, heart diseases and cataract.
Zinc – Useful for reproductive system.
Copper – Almonds contain copper, keeping bones, nerves and blood vessels healthy.
Magnesium – Which is a mineral used for bone building, making proteins and regulating body temperature.  Almonds are rich in magnesium.
Phosphorus – Almond also contains this mineral which is needed for strong teeth and bones.
Folic acid – Almonds are rich in folic acid which is useful for the overall development of blood cells.
Iron – Almonds are also rich in iron which is a source of oxygen for body cells.
Fiber and proteins usages are as above.

Almonds also contain pytochemicals which are useful against risk of heart diseases and cancer.

Along with these health benefits of Almond, almond oil has become a very popular vegetable oil and is used for following benefits –
·        Almond oil, being a natural moisturizer is used extensively during aroma therapy and massage.  It gets absorbed quickly in the skin as well as it is a great lubricant.  It also gives a calming effect due to its pleasant aroma.
·        Almond oil is used as a substitute for olive oil as it has omega-3 and essential fatty acids.  It can be used in salads and is also useful for the digestive system.
·        Almond oil is used in many soaps and moisturizers as it is an effective treatment for dry and irritated skin.  It has a number of vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B6 and E which are essential for a healthy skin and nourishing that skin.
·        Almond is used as a hair oil to give a healthy glow to the hair. 
·        It is also used as a laxative due to its fiber properties.
·        Almond oil is useful for relief from muscular pain.
·        Almond paste along with fresh cream and rose bud paste makes the face skin more soft and fair.
·        It relieves headaches in many cases.
·        Wild almond leaves are also useful to cure skin diseases such as eczema.

Thus, Almond has innumerable health benefits and should be a necessary ingredient in your breakfast or even taken up as snacks.

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