Monday, 21 November 2011

How do I decorate my Christmas Tree?

As the special day comes near, your family could be planning for the best way to enjoy the season ahead.

The Christmas tree is the main subject of any Christmas planning and as the family gets together, their main topic hovers around the Christmas tree and its decorations.

One cannot imagine Christmas without the subject of Christmas tree decorations.  The tree brings along with it the feelings of happiness and magic into the house.  Decorating a Christmas tree is an exciting process which can really be enjoyable to all.

For these there are some important tips that have to be taken into account before starting the decorations :
·        If you are going for a natural Christmas tree, see to it that it is freshly cut and after bringing to the house cut the stump of the tree with a fresh cut.  Put the tree in a large water reservoir.  Freshly cut trees absorb a lot of water and as such water level in the reservoir should be checked daily.
·        Take care of the Christmas tree as it is now a family member of the house.  It is YOUR Christmas tree.  Don’t let it dry out and don’t damage it.
·        There is a sequence of decorations that has to be adhered to. Firstly, put on the lights, then the decorating garlands and lastly the ornaments.  This is due to the fact that ornaments are delicate to handle and get broken or damaged very quickly.
·        Always put on the light first on the inner sides of the branches and then on the other side.
·        The placing of the ornaments is the most important task.  Do not place all the ornaments on the tip of the branches, but distribute them evenly on the outside as well as inside of the tree.
·        The filler ornaments are what attract the Christmas tree decorations.  They should be evenly spaced and decorated in a mismatch color scheme.
·        Special themed or collectible ornaments should be placed between the filler ornaments.
·        Before collecting the themed ornaments, you will have to first select a theme for the Christmas tree decoration e.g. Elegant themes should consist of velvet, satin and sparklers,  County theme may have cookies, popcorns or cranberry garlands, wooden toys can also be used.
·        Try to avoid too many decorations on the Christmas tree as a crowded tree may not give an attractive figure.  Instead, use decorations which are evenly spaced.  Selection of the ornaments is also an important aspect.
·        Traditions are an important part of Christmas and as such the crowning glory should be a family heirloom or something very important to the family.  It doesn’t matter if it is a mismatch for the theme.
·        Decorate the house along the lines of the theme set about in the Christmas tree decorations.
·        The theme selection for the Christmas tree should be in line with the entertainment you are planning for the big event.  If it is a kids’ party, the theme of decoration should be of wooden toys.  Similarly, if you are going in for cookie swap party, the tree should have cookies, gingerbread stars and hearts.
·        See to it that the Christmas tree is in proportion with your house i.e. a big Christmas tree would look gaudy and ill-fitted in a small living room and vice-versa.

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